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6 Items to Consider for Your Next Collection

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

1. Pyrex Bowl Sets Vintage Pyrex nesting bowls are a popular item among collectors, and they shouldn’t break the bank. Plus, they are wonderful and functional as cookware. I own and use my mother-in-law’s bowls, which are pictured on the bottom left below. My Vintage Porcelain Collection (With Photos) How to Identify and Value Depression Glass Wheat Penny Values Charts Vintage Pyrex bowls are a popular item to collect. They come in many delightful patterns and colors, plus they come in handy in the kitchen.ADVERTISING 2. Wood- and Marble-Topped Furniture Many people are embracing materials that reflect the beauty and simplicity of nature like wood and stone. Slabs of walnut are being found all over Facebook Marketplace these days. People buy them to make a console table. “Live edge” furniture is very much in fashion right now. Marble-top tables like the ones sold in the 50s are very popular as well. Wood Bench3. Upcycled and Repurposed Architectural Salvage Architectural salvage items are big! If you haven’t seen some of the projects people are creating with them lately, just log onto Pinterest. Old windows and doors are making their way inside as decor items. Vintage sprinkler heads are mounted on the wall as coat or bag hooks. What kind of project could you make with salvaged vintage items? Outdoor faucet knobs are fun to collect and repurpose. 4. Die-Cast Toy Cars This item is a constant favorite that never goes out of style. Toys are made of plastic now and the older die-cast toys and cars, specifically, are highly desirable. Plus they are small enough to enable those short on space to collect a lot of them. The best place to find them is at yard sales as boomers are cleaning out attics and throwing them out for 25 cents each. Plus, these can be bought online and the shipping is inexpensive because they are so light. Die-cast toy cars5. Cast Iron Skillets and Cookware Griswold and Wagner are the two top collectible skillet manufacturers, so keep an eye out for them at yard sales and thrift stores. But watch out for reproduction Griswold cast iron cookware. These only resemble their desirable counterparts. Look for the original signature. The faint markings can give a new collector cause for pause. A Griswold Lodge Camp dutch oven.ADVERTISING 6. Antique Old World Copper Cookware & Domestic Kettles Old world copper cookware is very collectible. An 1880s beautiful copper water jug with a hand-hammered finish and hand-cut thick handle attached with copper rivets goes for about $650 (so, be warned, this collection can get expensive quickly). Other more common copper teapots go for $20 to $40. Reclaimed copper is also frequently made into tabletops, trays, and other useful and beautiful upcycled items. Copper Water Jug circa 1880Have you found an item you’d like to start collecting from this list? Do you already have a collection of your own? Let me know about your experience with collecting in the comments. By KIM GREEN Hobbylark

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