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How to make a vintage look on anything wood

If you come across a vintage piece of furniture or any wooden item and you love the quality but hate the finish. There is a simple way to give it a new vintage finish. 1. First, you will need to remove the old finish by sanding down to the wood grain. 2. Choose a paint color that you really love and paint your item. Let it dry. 3. Take a sander and remove about 40% of the paint you just applied. 4. Take a brush and a wood stain finish that you choose(usually the darker the better) and cover the surface, including wood and paint. Before it dries, wipe the stain off with a clean rag. 5. Let it completely dry and you now have a quality and beautifully finished vintage piece. Not only do you have a vintage item from the past that is quality, but an item you made beautiful and can be proud of because you did it. It will be something you can pass down to the next generation to help them remember the past too!

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