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  • Vintage from the 1960s
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  • Materials: metal USA

  •   Vintage Douglas Co Charlotte NC Carpenter 5 Feature Level Tool #518

    This Radiator Specialty Company Charlotte N.C. 28201 Five Feature Level No. 518 is in very good condition. All bubbles, glass seals, fixed ruler, beam and adjustable threaded rod for slope setting are in excellent condition. Top fixed ruler is in inch increments. The adjustable threaded rod can be set for maximum slopes up to 3/4" in 18" which is great for installing sloped plumbing pipes, rain gutters, etc. Level is 18" long. Most of the original red paint on the edges of the beam is worn off. This Five feature level is good for so many uses.HISTORY In 1924 traveling salesmen, I.D.Blumenthal, developed a leak in his radiator while traveling through Charlotte, North Carolina. A local tinsmith poured a magic powder in his radiator and the leak stopped. From that chance meeting, a partnership was formed. They began making the product in a small shed. New products were developed over time. Wartime production included rubber parts for every type of U.S. warplane. eix

    Vintage Douglas Co Charlotte NC Carpenter 5 Feature Level Tool #518

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