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  • Vintage from the 1990s
  • Ships from a small business in


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  • Materials: glass

  •   This vintage coke glass is a unique piece and a collector's item. It has a flared rim design and a 16 oz capacity. The glass is made of heavy-duty glass and weighs over one pound, ensuring its high quality and durability.Libbey Coca Cola Flare 16 Oz Six Piece Glass Set - Libby Coca Cola Green Glassware

    Each set contains six pieces of 16 Oz Coca Cola flare cup. Each glass weighs over 1 pound and is approx.. 67 by 4 inches.

    The Coke brand glassware is produced for the Coca Cola Company.

    Libbey Glassware is the cornerstone of Libbeys rich history and the core of its business. Libbey revolutionized glassmaking, and today Libbeys glass customers have come to expect quality, innovative products that are responsive to trends and customer needs.

    Libbey glassware is unsurpassed in quality, value, design and length of line.

    This glass can be used as a drinking glass, candle holder or decoration centerpiece. rxxx

    Each glass has the L on the bottom of the glass for the Libby trademark.

    Vintage set of 6 Libbey green Coca Cola Glass 16 flared rim design 16 Oz.

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